Neco 2023 Music Objective & Essay Answers Now Available

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(i)Aria in music refers to a self-contained piece of music sung by one voice, typically in an opera, that expresses the character’s emotions or thoughts. It is usually accompanied by an orchestra and has a distinctive melody and structure.

(ii)Opera is a form of musical theater that combines music, drama, and visual arts. It usually features soloists, a chorus, and an orchestra, and the singing is often in a highly stylized form. The story is usually told through music, and the characters use singing to communicate their thoughts, emotions, and actions.

(iii)Symphony is a musical composition that is typically written for an orchestra and consists of several movements, played one after the other. It often has a complex structure and may incorporate different musical styles and forms. The symphony is usually played in a concert or a symphonic orchestra.

(iv)Oratorio is a large-scale musical composition for chorus, orchestra, and soloists that tells a religious story or theme. Unlike opera, it does not feature acting or staging, instead, it is performed using the power of the choir and soloists. The piece is typically divided into sections called movements, and each movement has a different focus or mood.

(v)Triad is a chord in music consisting of three notes played together. It is the simplest and most basic chord in Western music and is used in many different styles of music. Triads are built on a root note and are often combined with other chords to create harmonies.

(i)Johann Sebastian Bach
(ii)George Frideric Handel
(iii)Antonio Vivaldi
(iv)Henry Purcell
(v)Arcangelo Corelli

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