NABTEB GCE 2023 Advanced English Language Answer – Nov/Dec

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iDanny Global Resources
2 Okeke Amuwo Street,
Isolo, Lagos.
12th December, 2023.

The Manager,
Sandwich Equipments Ltd,
32 Awolowo street,
Ikeja, Lagos.

Dear Sir/Madam,


I hope this letter finds you in good health. I am writing to bring to your attention certain technical issues and malfunctions that we have encountered with the equipment recently supplied to our school.

In my capacity as the Head of the Technical Department, I have overseen the installation and initial operation of the Injection Molding Machine. While we appreciate the timely delivery and installation, it is with regret that I inform you that the machine has developed certain malfunctions just two weeks after its installation.

Description of Problems Encountered:
(i) Power Fluctuations and Shutdowns:
We have observed frequent power fluctuations leading to unexpected shutdowns of the equipment, disrupting our workflow and raising concerns about the stability of the machine’s power management system.

(ii) Inconsistent Performance:
The machine’s performance has been inconsistent, affecting our production schedule and output targets. This has raised concerns about the reliability of the equipment.

(iii) Error Messages and System Freezes:
Users have reported encountering error messages on the machine’s interface, and the entire system freezes at times, necessitating a manual restart and causing downtime.

(iv) Loud and Unusual Noises:
There have been instances of loud and unusual noises during the operation of the equipment, raising concerns about the mechanical integrity of certain components.

(v) Communication Issues:
The equipment’s communication interface has experienced disruptions, hindering the seamless integration of the machine with our existing systems and impeding data transfer capabilities.

Steps Taken So Far:
(i) Internal Troubleshooting:
Our technical team has conducted internal troubleshooting to identify and rectify any issues within our control.

(ii) Consultation with Your Technical Support Team:
We have engaged with your technical support team to seek guidance and assistance in resolving the identified issues.

(iii) Request for Immediate Action:
In light of the challenges mentioned above, we kindly request your urgent attention to address and rectify the technical issues with the supplied equipment. As this machine is crucial to our daily operations, any prolonged downtime adversely affects our productivity and, subsequently, our educational outcomes.

We propose the following actions:
(i) On-Site Technical Inspection:
We request a thorough on-site inspection by your technical team to assess the machine’s condition and identify any underlying issues.

(ii) Replacement of Faulty Components:
If any faulty components are identified, we expect prompt replacement with genuine and functional parts.

(iii) Software Update and Optimization:
An evaluation of the machine’s software should be conducted, and if necessary, updates or optimizations should be implemented to address the reported communication issues and error messages.

(iv) Technical Training for Users:
To prevent operational errors, we request technical training sessions for our staff to enhance their understanding of the equipment’s proper usage and maintenance procedures.

We understand that technical issues can arise, and we appreciate your ongoing support in resolving these matters. Our goal is to ensure the seamless integration and reliable performance of the supplied equipment to meet our educational objectives.
Please consider this letter as an official report on the encountered problems, and we anticipate your prompt attention and cooperation in rectifying the issues at the earliest convenience.
Thank you for your understanding and collaboration.

Yours faithfully,
[Your Full Name]
Head of Technical Department,
iDanny Global Resources


Title: Innovative Energy Harvesting System: A Breakthrough in Sustainable Power Generation

In the realm of technological advancements, the Innovative Energy Harvesting System (IEHS) stands as a groundbreaking invention designed to revolutionize sustainable power generation. Developed as a response to the ever-growing demand for clean and renewable energy sources, this experimental machine combines cutting-edge technologies to harness ambient energy from the environment and convert it into a reliable power source.

The Innovative Energy Harvesting System operates on the principle of multi-source energy harvesting, incorporating solar, kinetic, and thermal energy conversion mechanisms to maximize efficiency. The machine’s core comprises a state-of-the-art energy harvesting unit, an advanced energy storage system, and an intelligent control module, seamlessly integrated to ensure optimal performance.

Solar Energy Harvesting:
At the heart of the IEHS lies a high-efficiency solar panel array. These panels are equipped with next-generation photovoltaic cells that boast increased absorption rates and improved low-light performance. The solar harvesting component is designed to capture sunlight throughout the day, transforming it into electrical energy. The adaptive tracking system ensures that the panels are always oriented optimally, maximizing energy conversion even in varying sunlight conditions.

Kinetic Energy Harvesting:
To complement solar energy, the IEHS incorporates a kinetic energy harvesting mechanism. Utilizing piezoelectric materials strategically embedded within the machine, kinetic energy generated from ambient movements, vibrations, and mechanical inputs is converted into electrical power. This feature makes the system highly versatile, as it can be employed in various settings, from urban environments to remote locations where constant motion is present.

Thermal Energy Harvesting:
Taking advantage of temperature differentials in the environment, the IEHS is equipped with a cutting-edge thermal energy harvesting system. This component utilizes advanced thermoelectric generators to convert temperature gradients into electrical energy. Whether placed in urban heat islands or remote areas with significant day-night temperature variations, this technology enables the system to tap into a continuous and reliable source of thermal energy.

Energy Storage System:
Efficient energy storage is crucial for ensuring a stable and consistent power supply. The IEHS integrates high-capacity, fast-charging lithium-ion batteries with advanced energy management algorithms. These batteries store excess energy generated by the harvesting mechanisms, allowing the system to provide a reliable power output even during periods of low ambient energy availability. The smart charging and discharging algorithms optimize the use of stored energy, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Intelligent Control Module:
To orchestrate the seamless operation of the various energy harvesting mechanisms and storage components, the IEHS incorporates an intelligent control module. This module utilizes machine learning algorithms to analyze environmental conditions, predict energy generation patterns, and optimize the system’s performance accordingly. The adaptive nature of the control module ensures that the IEHS can adapt to changing environmental conditions, making it a highly efficient and versatile energy harvesting solution.

The Innovative Energy Harvesting System represents a paradigm shift in sustainable power generation. By harnessing multiple sources of ambient energy, this experimental machine offers a versatile and reliable solution to the pressing challenges of the modern energy landscape. As we showcase the IEHS at the technical exhibition organized by the state government, we aim to inspire young technicians and engineers to explore innovative approaches to address the world’s energy needs and contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.


Your Excellency, Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo,
Distinguished Members of the State Government,
Esteemed Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I stand before you today with a sense of both privilege and responsibility as we anticipate the esteemed visit of our state’s governor to our institution. This visit is not just a routine event; it’s an opportunity to shed light on the peculiar needs of our institution that require urgent attention. As we welcome the governor on this fact-finding mission, we recognize the significance of addressing these needs to propel our institution toward greater heights and impact.

Our institution, a cornerstone of education and innovation in our state, has been at the forefront of producing the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and doers. However, like any thriving institution, we face challenges that require strategic interventions for sustained growth and excellence.

Firstly, I would like to draw attention to the critical need for infrastructure development. Our institution has expanded rapidly over the years, leading to an increased student population and a greater demand for state-of-the-art facilities. We urgently require investments in modern classrooms, laboratories, and research centers to ensure that our students have access to cutting-edge resources that foster a conducive learning environment.

Furthermore, our institution is committed to fostering research and innovation. To achieve this, we require increased funding for research grants and facilities. A robust research environment not only enhances the academic experience for our students but also contributes to groundbreaking discoveries and solutions to societal challenges. By prioritizing research, we can position our institution as a hub for innovation, attracting top-tier faculty and students.

In tandem with this, the need for updated technology infrastructure is paramount. In an era dominated by technological advancements, it is crucial that our institution keeps pace. The governor’s support in providing the latest technological tools and resources will empower our students to excel in a rapidly evolving global landscape.

Moreover, I would like to emphasize the importance of creating partnerships and collaborations with industries and other educational institutions. By fostering strategic alliances, we can provide our students with real-world experiences, internships, and opportunities for professional development. These partnerships not only benefit our students but also contribute to the economic development of our state by bridging the gap between academia and industry.

Addressing the welfare of our staff and faculty is another area that requires urgent attention. Competitive salaries, professional development opportunities, and a conducive work environment are essential for attracting and retaining top talent. Our dedicated educators play a pivotal role in shaping the future, and their well-being directly impacts the quality of education we provide.

In addition, the governor’s support in promoting a sustainable and eco-friendly campus is vital. We must invest in renewable energy sources, waste management systems, and green spaces to create an environmentally conscious institution. This not only aligns with global sustainability goals but also instills a sense of responsibility and environmental stewardship in our students.

Lastly, I would like to bring to the governor’s attention the importance of enhancing security measures on our campus. The safety of our students, faculty, and staff is of utmost priority. By investing in modern security infrastructure and personnel training, we can create a secure and nurturing environment for all members of our academic community.

In conclusion, as we eagerly await the governor’s visit, we see it as an opportunity to collaborate and advocate for the pressing needs of our institution. By addressing these challenges, we can propel our institution to new heights, ensuring that it continues to be a beacon of education, innovation, and excellence in our state. Together, we can build a stronger, more vibrant future for our institution and contribute to the overall development of our beloved state. Thank you.


(i) radiant –> glowing, bright, or cheerful
(ii) perspective –> point of view, outlook, or opinion
(iii) repulsive –> disgusting, offensive, or revolting
(iv) pact –> agreement, deal, or contract
(v) contemplate -> think about, consider, or ponder

(5b) “…… so as to sort things out.”
(i) The grammatical name for the above expression is an *adverbial clause of purpose*.
(ii) Its function is to *show the reason or intention* for Zoe’s action of leaving home unannounced.

(5c) The writer sees Zoe’s situation in the story as ironical because she is supposed to be *happy and excited* about her upcoming marriage, but instead she is **miserable and depressed**. She is also forced to marry a man who is much older than her and whom she does not love, while her parents claim that there is no age barrier in true love.

(5d) The reason that made it useless for Zoe to argue with her father was that he was *unreasonable* and had *incurred heavy debts* over the years. He had agreed to give Zoe away to Michael, who had paid off his debts, without considering her feelings or wishes.

(5e) “….sleep seemed to escape her….” The figurative name for the above expression is a *personification*, which is a figure of speech that gives human qualities to non-human things.

(5f) Any two lines of action considered by Zoe as a solution to her predicament are:

(i) She could go away to somewhere unknown, leave a note for Michael, explaining her heartfelt thoughts and leading to a secret pact with him to eventually return all the money owed to him within three years.
(ii) She might contemplate committing suicide.


According to the writer, the factors that may cause a change in lifestyle of an individual are:

(i) Relocating to another country, which requires adapting to a new culture, weather, and language.
(ii) Changing one’s career, which requires acquiring new skills, experience, routine, and colleagues.
(iii) Losing one’s job, which requires adjusting to a new lifestyle and income level.
(iv) Retiring from work, which requires giving up official property, salary, and active working life.
(v) Getting married and starting a family, which requires adapting to a spouse, raising children, and discarding reckless habits.
(vi) Losing a loved one, which requires coping with grief, loneliness, and drastic changes in lifestyle.

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