2023 NECO GCE Agricultural Science (Alt to Practical) Answers

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Diagram A is a Milking machine while C is a Tractor


(i) It significantly reduces udemands and expenses
(ii) It increases efficiency by automating the milking process, allowing for faster and more consistent milk extraction.
(iii) It ensures better hygiene and reduces the risk of contamination
(iv) It enable precise control over milking parameters, such as speed and pressure, optimizing the well-being of dairy animals

(i) Ensure proper cleaning and sterilization of its components to prevent bacterial contamination of milk.
(ii) Regularly inspect and maintain the milking machine to address any malfunctions promptly
(iii) Train operators on the correct usage of the milking machine to avoid stress or injury to dairy animals
(iv) Monitor vacuum level properly

(i) It is used for gripping, bending, and cutting wire or other materials
(ii) It is used for securing bolts or fastening components in machinery.

(i) To improve its longevity for long-term use on the farm
(ii) To avoid rusting
(iii) To avoid stiffness
(iv) To ensure ensuring its reliability on the farm.

I – To exit the exhaust gasses up and away from the tractor.
II – To enable the operator control accurately the direction of the tractor

(i) Checking fluid levels such as oil and coolant
(ii) Inspecting tire pressure
(iii) Ensuring all safety features and controls are functioning properly.


D – Nitrogen cycle
E – Prismatic structure
F – PH scale

I – Ammonification
III – Nitrification
V – Nitrification
VII Dentrification

II – Ammonia
IV – Nitrates
VI – Nitrates

VIII – Sand grain
IX – Air space

B horizon (subsoil) of the soil profile

X – It indicates an acidic soil with a higher concentration of hydrogen ions.
XI – It indicates an alkaline soil with a lower concentration of hydrogen ions



Perennial plants

I – Coleoptile
II – Radicle

G is the reproductive unit used for growing maize plants while H is the storage organs for yam plants.

(i) Oxygen
(ii) Viable seed

(i) Fertilization
(ii) Weeding
(iii) Irrigation

(i) Healthy and vigor
(ii) Adequate size and weight
(iii) Good sprouting potential

Hand Harvesting


(i) Both are commonly raised for meat production in agriculture
(ii) Both are animals with four legs
(ii) Both are social animals that benefit from companionship

I – Rump
II – Snout
III – Ear
IV – Whiskers

(i) It includes adequate ventilation systems to ensure proper air exchange and control temperature.
(ii) It incorporates durable flooring materials that are easy to clean and maintain for optimal hygiene.
(iii) The design includes sufficient space allowance per pig to prevent overcrowding
(iv) The structure provides effective waste management systems to handle manure and maintain a clean environment.
(iv) It includes proper lighting to regulate the pig’s circadian rhythm.

Gestation feed

(i) Regular cleaning and sanitation.
(ii) Proper waste management.
(iii) Disease prevention and biosecurity
(i) Providing clean and uncontaminated environments
(ii) Regular cleaning of cages
(iii) Providing fresh and uncontaminated water
(iv) Proper waste management,
(v) Implementing biosecurity measures to prevent the spread of diseases.

(i) Place one hand under the rabbit’s hindquarters, supporting their weight.
(ii) Hold the rabbit close to your body to prevent excessive movement and keep the rabbit calm during treatment.

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