Neco 2023 Technical Drawing (Practical) Answers

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(i)The Line Tool in AutoCAD is used for creating straight lines of different lengths and orientations. It enables you to connect two specific points on the drawing.

(ii)The Circle Tool in AutoCAD allows you to create circles of different sizes and positions. The circle diameter can be controlled by the user and can also be tangent to other lines or circles, or concentric with other circles.

(iii)The Scale Tool in AutoCAD allows you to enlarge or reduce the size of selected objects proportionally. It helps to quickly adjust the size of objects based on user requirements.

(iv)Mirror Tool: The Mirror Tool in AutoCAD allows you to create a reflected copy of the selected object. It is a handy tool to create symmetrical shapes or objects on the opposite side of the mirror plane. This saves time and is useful in architectural and mechanical drawings.

(i)Dimension Line
(iii)Extension Lines

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