NABTEB 2023 Introduction To Building Construction Answers

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Setting out is the process of extracting information from the construction drawings, and pegs, profiles or other marks are then set to control the construction works and to ensure that each features in the drawings are constructed in the right position and to the correct level.

i. Grubbing; Grubbing or clearing is the removal of trees, shrubs, stumps and rubbish from a site.

ii. Hoarding; Hoardings are the panels that surround a construction site; they’re usually made of wood or metal, and they provide safety, security, and protection for the public and construction employees.
iii. Site investigation; Site Investigation is the process of collecting information, assessment of the data and reporting potential hazards beneath a site which are unknown.
iv. Soil investigation; The purpose of a soil investigation is to determine the engineering properties of soils at the proposed tank site.

i. Strength and stability.
ii. Resistance to weather.
iii. Durability and freedom from maintenance.
iv. Fire safety.
v. Resistance to the passage of heat.
vi. Resistance to the passage of sound.
vii. Resistance to air leakage.

i. Metal Roofing
ii. Slate
iii. Clay Tiles
iv. Concrete Tiles

i. To protect the surface from atmospheric influences
ii. To cover the defective workmanship in masonry
iii. To conceal porous materials, and to provide a suitable surface for painting

i. Toilets
ii.Water closets
iv. Bathub
v. Bidet
vi. Urinal

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