2023 Delta State BECE Cultural & Creative Art Essay & Obj Answer Now Available

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Painting is an art form that involves applying paint or other pigment to a surface, usually a canvas, to create a visual representation of an object, scene, emotion or idea.

(i) Oil Painting – This is a traditional form of painting where pigments are mixed with oil, usually linseed oil, and applied to a canvas.It allows for a wider range of colors and allows the painter to blend colors more easily. Oil paintings tend to have a richer, more pronounced texture and tone.

(ii) Watercolor painting – This technique involves applying pigment that is mixed with water to a paper or similar surface. It is often used for landscape painting, portraits, and impressionist painting. Watercolor painting relies on transparency and layering of colors to create a luminous effect.


Color is a property of light that is perceived by the eye and is related to the wavelength of the light.

(i) Communication – color can be used to convey information or to signal a particular emotion or mood.

(ii) Decoration – color is often used in art and design to enhance visual appeal or create a particular atmosphere.

(iii) Branding – Companies often use color to create a visual identity that is easily recognizable.

(iv) Therapy – Color has been used in therapy to help enhance mood, alleviate anxiety, and promote relaxation.

White + red = Pink
Yellow + red = Orange
Red + blue = Purple/Violet
Blue + Yellow = Green


Batik is a type of textile that is traditionally made by a wax-resist dyeing technique. It involves applying wax to areas of the fabric that is meant to resist dye, followed by dyeing the fabric. After dyeing, the wax is removed, leaving designs or patterns on the fabric.

(i) Cotton
(ii) Silk
(iii) Rayon:
(iv) Hemp
(iv) Linen

Transcription in music refers to the process of notating a piece of music that was previously not written down. It involves listening to the music, identifying the pitches and rhythms, and then writing them down using musical notation.


(i) Diction – The choice and use of appropriate words, pronunciation, and expression in speech or writing.

(ii) Plot – The sequence of events that occur in a story, play, or movie and the way in which they are told.

(iii) Thought – The ideas or themes presented in a work of literature or art.

(iv) Audience – The group of people who are intended to experience and interpret a work of literature or art.


(a) Unity refers to the coherence and harmony that exists among the various elements of a work of art or literature.

(b) Theatres are performative spaces where plays, musicals, and other theatrical productions are performed.

(c) Music is an art form that employs sound organized in time to express emotions, ideas or to convey a message.

(d) Drama is a form of literature or performance that involves characters, dialogues, settings, and conflicts to tell a story.

(e) Dance is a form of expression that employs movement and rhythm to convey ideas, emotions, or tell a story.

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