WAEC 2023 Computer Studies Objective & Essays Questions And Answers Now Available

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(i) Scams and fraud: Children may fall victim to online scams and fraud, which can result in financial losses or identity theft.

(ii) Time management: Uncontrolled internet access can lead to excessive screen time, which can interfere with other important activities such as homework, exercise, and socializing with family and friends.

(iii) Addiction: Uncontrolled internet access can lead to internet addiction, which can interfere with other aspects of a child’s life such as academic performance, socialization, and physical health.

(iv) Exposure to inappropriate content: Children may come across inappropriate content such as pornography, violence, and hate speech that can be harmful to their emotional and psychological development.

(1b) Security: User control access helps to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information and resources. By limiting access to only authorized users, organizations can better protect their assets and prevent security breaches.


Laptop Y

(i) Long battery life
(ii) Wireless Capabilities
(iii) Availability of WebCam
(iv) It has less weight

(i) Long battery life: Because he is traveling a long trip, he needs laptop that has more lasting battery for the trip to be able to deliver
(ii) Wireless Capabilities: He will be needing wireless communication to be able to connect to any available internet In the case his wired connection don’t deliver better communication
(iii) Webcam availabilty: Since he will be doing live communication with editors, the Webcam will be needed for web presence and ability to stream live video to the editors
(iv) Less weight: This makes it easier for the journalist to carry while carrying out his assignment

(i) Open the document in Microsoft Word.
(ii) Select the portion of text that contains the confidential information.
(iii) Right-click on the selected text and choose “Font” from the context menu.
(iv) In the Font dialog box, check the “Hidden” option.
(v) Click on the “OK” button to apply the changes.
(vi) Save the document.

(i) Open the previously saved document in Microsoft Word.
(ii) Click on the “File” tab at the top-left corner of the screen.
(iii) From the File menu, select “Options.”
(iv) In the Word Options dialog box, choose the “Display” category.
(v) Under the “Always show these formatting marks on the screen” section, check the “Hidden text” option.
(vi) Click on the “OK” button to apply the changes.
(vii) The hidden text will now be displayed in the document for viewing.


1. Upgrading the computer’s processing power and RAM to handle the high-resolution images generated by the digital camera and photo editing software.

2. Installing a high-quality colour printer that can produce prints of the same quality as those produced by analogue cameras.


(i) The first change is necessary as digital cameras produce images with much higher resolution and larger file sizes than analogue cameras. This requires a more powerful computer with more memory to handle the processing and storage of these images.

(4bii) The photographer should use an external hard disk instead of floppy disk because floppy disks have very limited storage capacity and are vulnerable to damage and data corruption. An external hard disk can store more data and is more reliable for long-term storage.


1. Adobe Photoshop – this is a powerful image editing software that allows the photographer to adjust brightness, contrast, colour levels and make other modifications to the images.

2. Lightroom – this is a photo management and editing software that enables the photographer to organize and edit large batches of photos efficiently. It also offers tools for adjusting exposure, white balance and other image parameters.

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