JAMB 2023 Physics Questions And Answers

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JAMB 2023 Candidates are hearby advised to read and take note of the following biology questions which we made available on our websites

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1. Half life of a plutonium is 138 days. If 400×10⁷ atoms of plutonium exist, what is the remaining number of atoms after 512 days?
2. Advantage of using alcohol as thermometric liquid is?
If the Refractive index is 1.5, calculate the angle of refraction when the angle of incidence is 30.

3. What is the dimension of magnitude

4. State the formula representation of hooke’s law.

5. A uniform metre rule AB has a knife edge balanced at 60m away from B, when a load of 22g is kept 10m away from A, what is the weight of the metre rule?
6. What’s the advantage of soapy detergent over soapless detergent?

1… dimension of a momentum
2…The motion that concern with irregular movement of an object or body with no specific direction is
3…The amount of moisture in air compared to what the air can hold at a temperature is
4… The vibration produced in a body when the body is made to vibrate with a frequency other than its own natural frequency is
while the calculations are based on linear expansion, waves,e.t.c

• A table lamp resting on a table exhibits
(A) kinetic friction (B) rolling friction (C) static friction (D) limiting friction
• If rms valueif current is given as I = 3sin60πt, find the frequency of the AC supply.
• Force in a magnetic field is given as?
• Device which converts mechanical energy to electrical energy by electromagnetic induction is?
(A) DC generator (B)AC generator (C) DC motor (D)AC motor
• A material has a work function of 3ev. Its threshold frequency is?
• What is the dimension of momentum?


*****An instrument with which a personcan ser over the corners and other obstruction is?

****1KW engine is used to pump up water from a whell 10m deep. Calculate the quantity of water pumped out per second (g=10ms-2)

**** calculationon couple

**** The amount of moisture in the air compared to what the air can hold at that temperature is?

**** The fuse in an electric circuit is to____

**** The process of changing a substance from solid to gaseous state is____

**** Types of vibrations

**** Calculation on the critical angle is_____

**** Calculation on frequency

**** Isotope meaning____

***** The region a current carry conductor where magnetic effectcan be experienced is _____

**** Device that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy is _____

**** Heat transfer

**** Upward force experienced by an objectwhen immersed in a liquid is_____

**** Calculation on Efficiency of Machine

**** Calculation on Charles Law

**** Calculation on wavelength

**** If the r.m.s value of current is given as l=3 sin 60pie t where l w in amper and T in second what is the frequencyof the A.C supply?

You are hearby advised to read and answer the questions provided above

Good luck

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